Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time
      Under the provision of educational, research and production complex "Bezpeka" approved by the Ministry of обложка_0.jpgEducation of Ukraine, and memorandum of association of the creation of a complex to manage its activities approved by the Coordinating Board Set from among its members:
from the National Mining University
Pivnyak Gennady G. - Rector;
Beshta Oleksandr - Vice President for Research;
Golinko Vasily Ivanovich - Head of aerology and safety;
from McNeil
Bryukhanov Alexander - Director
from NIIGD
Ageev, Vladimir G. - Director
Schiemann Leonid - CEO
Approved by the representatives of NSU in the executive body of the Complex and responsible for work UNPK "Security" in the departments of enterprises.
       General Curator of the Complex was appointed rector of NSU Pilov PI Complex Coordinator was appointed head of the department of occupational safety and aerology Golinko VI Secretary of the complex was appointed assistant to the department of occupational safety and aerology Ischenko A.
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